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Court Case Problem

Many people file cases in courts to look for justice, and achieve solutions for issues ranging from property matter to matrimonial disputes. It may consume several years to get a decision of court cases. Astrologer Pandit Tulasiram in London, UK knows the remedies for court case and legal problems which can be executed in order to help one win court cases. Pandit ji is an expert in court case problems whatever he does and knows how to accommodate, handle and fulfill the wishes of his customers. Understanding needs of his customers, he provides best and simple solutions by looking at horoscopes, birth charts and other movements of the celestial bodies to get a complete understanding of what problems the client is actually facing.

In legal terms, the prosecutor is the person who submits the case to court, while the defendant is the person who filed the case. The houses from third to eighth belong to the defendant and the second and ninth houses belong to the plaintiff. The presence of malefic planets in the seventh house will result in a violent dispute and a weak Mercury and Moon will result in loss.